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About me

Dedicated to bringing out the Best Version of You.

A seasoned technocrat collaborating with C-suite executives, equipped with multi-faceted experience in multiple automobile industries with the mission to learn and grow.


My Core Values

Value Addition • Respect • Integrity • Service • Excellence & Entrepreneurship

Aspire to Inspire & Transform

How I can Support as a Volunteer

Last resort for self-development challenges

Solving the Business Problems

Stuck navigating vision, mission, strategy, defining the KPI & KPR or cultural change? We help! We design and deliver interactive workshops to tackle your business challenges. We craft solutions through a collaborative process, empowering your team for success.

Life skill Workshops

Looking for life skills workshops that truly resonate? We craft tailor-made, transformative content based on your group’s specific needs. Through engaging activities, we ensure participants gain practical skills for real-world success. The topics can be financial literacy, leadership skills, Goal Setting, Time management etc.

Motivational sessions

Unleash potential in your team, empower rural girls, or ignite young minds! We offer inspiring motivational sessions designed for diverse audiences. Boost productivity, build financial literacy, and equip individuals with essential life skills – all through engaging and interactive sessions and workshops.

Areas of Experience

Business Excellence

Change Management

Operational Excellence

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Corporate Social Responsibility


Social Work & Volunteering

Passionate about contribution to the society, I volunteer my time leading empowering workshops for rural girls and women. These interactive sessions focus on leadership skills like financial literacy, self-awareness, and goal setting, transforming their lives and equipping them to build brighter futures.

Reading and Research 

I explore the new worlds through deep leaning on various topics by reading books, I’m on a mission to make learning life skills fun! I research complex topics and transform them into engaging games and methods. Think “SND Piggy Bank” for financial literacy or the “Candle and Lighter” metaphor for skill development. Gamifying life lessons is my way to spark understanding and empower others.


I turn workshops into mechanic bays for your mind! Just like mechanics fix cars, I help people refine their business ideas and life skills through interactive sessions. We tackle various topics, and by the end, those thoughts are transformed into clear, actionable plans

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